Astra facilitated a custom workshop for our group,
and it was wonderful! In a short ti
me, she was able to funnel varied experiences, ideas, and input from participants into a unified musical vision. As a result, she fostered a safe environment for our members to share, to listen, and to develop more trust in each other and themselves. Plus, it was so powerful to watch our members proudly sing out this beautiful song that they created from scratch. Goosebumps all around! I’d recommend to anyone looking for a meaningful shared experience. Astra is wonderful at helping people tap into the abundant creative energy that lives inside us all. Lady Brain Presents loves!

Songwriting with Astra is a multi-faceted experience. She will challenge you to go deeper, deliberating the song’s purpose, and then to assemble it with intention in every lyric, rhythm, and note.

Throughout my 20 years of incarceration, I’ve taken a lot of self-help workshops, but none of them have had the impact that this has. I’ve learned to express my feelings, emotions, hate, anger, joy, love, pain and suffering through lyric writing. It has helped me gain confidence and know I can freely express myself through songwriting.

Kenny L., Inmate, Donovan State Prison

Songwriting is hands down Astra Kelly’s zone of genius.  But beyond writing music for herself, she also has an uncanny way of pulling the poetry out of others.  Her presence is calm and inspired, and her way of being eases you to the point where you feel completely safe talking about the difficult stuff of life — the stuff from which great art is born. Astra was able to hold space, to listen, and to take my own words and craft them into to something truly remarkable.  She set my life to music at a time when I wasn’t able to do so for myself.  And that, my friends, is her superpower.

Astra Kelly’s songwriting class is so much more than just writing songs. It encourages self-exploration and discovery. She takes a room full of strangers and fosters an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie that unites an otherwise estranged and diverse bunch. This class is a blessing to me spiritually and socially.

Michael B., Inmate, Donovan State Prison

Astra is a wonderful songwriter and a talented musician.  From the very beginning of our songwriting process, Astra was able to naturally align with my message. The album we created together has won multiple national awards for excellence in family-friendly media.

Songwriting with Astra was definitely a transformational experience. Despite never writing or showing anyone my work, she created an extremely comfortable environment to share and enrich my ideas. Astra gave me great tools to improve my creative ability and I found I could connect my emotions to my words with so much more ease and create a story beyond myself.

Makenna Luettgerodt, Vocal/Songwriting Student