What is soulsong.life?

soulsong.life offers themed Songwriting Workshops that take place in a group setting. Each workshop is facilitated by a professional songwriter and seeker; however, musical experience is not required. Using focused writing, dialogue, and music creation, participants will write a song together that reflects their shared experiences. Attendees will receive a lyric/chord sheet and a recording of the song. Most workshops are open to the public, but private, one on one, corporate, and sponsored community sessions are also available.

In addition to workshops, soulsong.life will offer a companion Podcast featuring like-minded artists discussing similar themes as well as their creative process.

Who started it and why?

Astra Kelly is a San Diego-based musician and songwriter with nine studio album releases on her own label. She is also a vocal/songwriting instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher, and spiritual practitioner. Throughout her career, Astra has provided music-focused lessons and workshops in both one-on-one and group settings, but her recent position with Jail Guitar Doors as a songwriting facilitator for a rehabilitative workshop with inmates at Donovan State Prison inspired her to further explore how the practice of songwriting can act as a catalyst for profound human transformation and healing for people from all walks of life. From this inspiration, soulsong.life was born.

How does it work?

Each workshop is facilitated by a professional songwriter. Through focused writing, dialogue, and music creation, participants will write a song together that reflects their insights and shared experiences.

Do I need to have any musical/creative experience?

Absolutely not!

What can I expect to gain through participation?

Each soulsong.life workshop offers several creative and transformative benefits. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of how to…

  • Utilize foundational music and songwriting elements (feel, rhythm, word play, storytelling, arrangement, and melody).
  • Work through writer’s block.
  • Create safe spaces for all to share and express themselves.
  • Explore and broaden perspectives surrounding a central theme.
  • Uniquely and authentically articulate their inner voice.
  • Harness the power of creativity and find a creative process.
  • Connect with intuition.
  • Recognize and assess thought patterns.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Incorporate songwriting tools toward personal healing and/or growth.

How many people participate in each workshop?

We like to limit our public workshops to about 10-12 participants. Exceptions apply for private workshops, corporate groups, etc.

How long is each workshop?

Each workshop lasts approximately 3 hours.

How much does it cost?

The price to register for our public workshops is $75-$125.

Additional pricing options are available for private workshops, corporate groups, community organizations, etc. Please look at individual workshop listings for specific pricing and inclusions.

You or your company can also sponsor workshops for community organizations such as rehabilitation centers, women’s shelters, LGBTQ centers, cultural centers, etc. Please fill out our contact form for more pricing information.

Do you have any age restrictions?

Participants are available to anyone 16 years of age and over. Minors (16-17) must be accompanied by an adult. Please be aware that some topics may be sensitive or not suitable for minors. Please check individual workshop listings for specific information. Custom workshops are available for students/minors, please inquire for details.

Where does the workshop take place?

Our public workshops take place in various locations, from co-working spaces to yoga studios to spiritual centers to recording studios, and more. Private workshops can take place in a participant’s home, and corporate workshops can be held in your workplace. We are also able to host sponsored workshops for rehabilitation centers, women’s shelters, LGBTQ centers, cultural centers, etc.

Are your workshop venues ADA compliant?

Generally yes, but this can vary by location. Please check individual workshop listings for specific information.

What do I need to bring with me?

An open mind, a journal, your favorite pen or pencil. If you have an instrument, feel free to bring it along, but no musical experience is necessary.

Is food/beverage provided?

Varies by workshop. Please check individual workshop listings for details.

Can you provide a private workshop for my friends, colleagues, students, or a community organization I’d like to support?

Absolutely! Contact us for a custom quote.

Is it possible to become a workshop facilitator?

Yes! We are always growing our team with like-minded people. Feel free to contact us for more information and training opportunities.

I own/work with a company/venue that would be perfect for a workshop. Is it possible for you to come to our space?

Yes! Our mobile set-up allows us to facilitate workshops from a variety of locations. We’d love to hear about your unique space!

Do you offer any philanthropic and/or Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities?

Yes! Individuals/companies/organizations can sponsor a workshop(s) for community organizations like women’s shelters, rehab centers, treatment facilities, etc. or by funding individual scholarships for low-income applicants.

What other custom services do you provide?

Pending availability, we offer custom services such as one-on-one coaching sessions and extended six-week group workshops. Please contact us for more information.

Can you tell me more about the soulsong.life podcast?

In addition to workshops, soulsong.life offers a companion Podcast, where host Astra Kelly connects with musicians and artists who speak their inner voice and sing songs of the soul. Their stories and their art not only reflect the times in which we live, but also inspire us to discover our own passions, face our own fears, and find our own soulsong. Listen here.